Some Advices About How to Live With Menopause

Studies revealed that the hope of life for women in the Unites States is approaching 80 years. Some women will spend 4 decades in their postmenopausal years, and it is important to know that menopause is a different experience for every woman who reaches it. In order to enhance their quality of life, midlife women can maintain social support, reduce stress and anxiety, try to relax and do enjoyable activities.

Menopause is a process that can take years to complete, it is known that its symptoms can begin at the age of 30, and continue beyond the last menstrual period.There may happen that periods to become irregular, but it is important to go to the doctor to rule out conditions like thyroid disease, uterine cancer, or depression, which bring symptoms similar with those of menopause.If there appear troublesome symptoms, the doctor can prescribe medications, including hormone replacement or non-hormonal medications. Also, a good thing to do is to talk with your friends, or seek counseling if the problems that appear in this period become overwhelming, because this will help.A lot of health organizations consider the age of 50 as a reference point, and they recommend screening tests for diseases of later life, including cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Women can follow some advices in order to make the transition through the midlife years easier. They must understand that age has its benefits, and that older women can be fit, active and attractive through midlife and beyond. Now is a good time to become an educated consumer, and if you had no time to keep up with health and medical information, you can do that now.Now is also the perfect time to plan for your financial future, saving for the retirement must become a priority, you can mentor younger women in your professional field, and you can also start traveling, to explore new places and cultures, and also bring an exciting element to your marriage which may have become routine.It can be the time to join a club, to take up a sport, because physical activity does good for your heart, muscles, and bones, and you also have the chance to make new friends. You can refocus your career or you can reduce your work hours and take more time to pursue your other interests.There must be remembered that this period can be a relaxing and enjoyable time, and it is up to you to make it so.

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  • kat:

    What can I do to fix this? Husband puts mother before me in every way.?
    I’ve tried everything to solve this. It wasn’t like this at first. His father died back in 2000. His father was a very load embarrousing man. He was rude and disrepectful alot of the time and someone you would be very uncomfortable to introduce to anybody. Afraid of what he might say. That being said, I had words with him when we first met because of how he is and I got right back at him and after that I never had any problems with him. Infact you can say I got close to him and I miss him. Before he died my mother-in-law was nice and I never had a problem with her. She was always busy doing everything her husband wanted, if she didn’t then he would start yelling at her and start fighting. In fact I felt sorry for her. During this time everything was normal. Then after he died everything changed. Of course in the beginning my husband should of been there for his mother during the grieving stage and just to let her know he will be here for her and she wasn’t alone. I could never ask him or anybody else to do anything different. BUT, two years past by, I didn’t say anything, then four then six now nine. It was hard for me when the second year started and hoped I would make it through that year. I don’t know what to do because it has gotten to the point to where she is disrespectfull sometimes in her hatefull commits. Some are directed to me some to my children. I have tried to talk to my husband in everyway I can think of. At first I didnt know for sure if he really realized the disrepect that was going on or not, but after nine years I do know now. I dont really know what else to do. He tells me that Im just being a Witch or its all in my head no body is being hatefull or whatever it was I was the one in the wrong. It breaks my heart because I know he sees what is going on, its like he expects me to egnore it and deal with it. I have showed him how much this has broken me down and he still turns it all back on me as its all me. He is not anything like he was when we were first married. It seems like he is going to push it to the point of a divorce or at least to the very edge. I think that is when he will realize something needs to change. I have tried to show him how serious I was about all of this by leaving him for three days or so. So I dont know what to do to make him believe I have had it and I wont live this way, do I have to move out to show him its got to change or is there anything else anybody can share with me to try. I do know he loves me, but I know menopause is part of his attiude. I dont care, there is no excuse to treat me this way. I hope I was informative enough about all this, because I really need some advice. Just keep in mind that this has been going on for alot of years now. It isnt just over some little commit or him being there for his mother and Im jeolous, Ive been so good to her and I still am to this day. I show respect and get none in return. I try to talk to husband about it and he starts fighting with me everytime. Anyway, I have nothing left, please help Oh let me say that his mothers needs and wants come before mine. In fact its so bad he would save alot of energy if he would move in with her. He only sleeps here at our house. He is eighter over there or on the phone with her. Ive cried to him and begged him to see that Im hurting over this and not trying to cause problems but that just leads to very hurtfull words he shares with me. Im about to give up. I feel there is nothing that will ever work and nothings going to change.

  • cougar:

    Your answer is in the question.
    He should go live back home with her until he decides to be a husband and a father.
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  • plotch:

    If it was me, this is what I would be thinking of:
    Marriage Counseling
    A friend to talk to and vent
    Or I would be hoping that the m.i.l. would die and be out of the way. (I know that is awful), But if she wasn’t in the picture do you think things between the two of you would be different?
    His mom needs to be out of your relationship or it is over.
    Just my opinion
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  • here to help:

    here is the thing you said you have been dealing with this for nine years now. that’s part of the problem. why would he change? you have allowed it to go on this long. you also said that you have left him for three days. wow!! stop allowing this to go on. tell your husband that you are no longer happy in your marriage and that you think it would be best that he move out. sure you know he is going to go and live with his mom. big deal. but you can not keep allowing his mother to talk to you that way more even worse talking to your children this way. your husband should have spoken up to his mom a long time ago. i don’t see that he is going to do that now. and don’t be a fool by thinking he will.
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  • Nikki:

    Agree with cougar.
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  • creepycookie:

    are you prepared to spend the rest of your life like this?

    either take the kids and move out, permanently, or send him to live with his mother. if he was prepared to change the situation, he would have by now.

    it’s up to you now to make the move and do what is best for yourself and your kids.
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  • Kelly:

    Thats not a healthy situation. I would justleave him until he can be a husband and father
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